1. BIO

    We fuse dnb, hiphop and jazz into 2h danceparties. Everything is played live mostly at a very high speed (dnb). Some songs are poppy to sing along others are of a rougher kind. Our languages are german and english and french. We founded LGUZ in Karlsruhe in 2009. Since then we have played about 150 live concerts.

    DRUMS: Jonathan Zacharias
    BASS: Merten Lindorf
    KEYS: MaxMasterFive
    VOC: Princess Laura
    RAP: MOC
    SAX: Marcel Baguette


     This is Shanghai (2013)

    Cliché - LP (2011)

    Mehr - Single (2011)

    Le Grand Plaisir - EP (2010)

    Coltrane / Chopin / Jojo Mayer / Jazzanova / High Contrast / J Dilla / Big L / Flying Lotus / Kastelruther Spatzen /  Liquid / DubFx / GangStarr / MF Doom / London Electricity / J. S. Bach / Jazz Liberatorz / Kendrick Lamar / Robert Glasper / Rudimental